Alert Protective Direct Gold Security Panel

From: $13.00 / month and a $236.99 Equipment Cost


Product features:

  • Touchless Convenience: Integrated face recognition and Bluetooth technologies significantly streamline operation.
  • Smart Home Capabilities: Ability to customize with controls, rules, scenes, and notifications.
  • Cameras and doorbell cameras work with the 2GIG EDGE panel, with up to 8 different camera feeds viewable directly from the panel.
  • Encrypted Sensors
  • Processing analytics on the edge versus the cloud better protects homeowner information.
  • Packed with built-in features homeowners demand – onboard camera, 2-way audio, cell radio, glass break sensor.
  • Dual Communication Paths: Uses both cellular Verizon LTE and WiFi.

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The 2GIG-EDG-NA-VA eSeries security and control panel sets a new benchmark in form and function with its sleek design that is thinner and more powerful than ever. The 2GIG-EDG-NA-AA contains a wireless 7″ touchscreen control panel that comes with a built-in WiFi and cellular Verizon LTE alarm communicator which is powered by With on the edge processing technology, the 2GIG EDGE enables touchless Bluetooth disarm capabilities. The EDGE panel also features facial recognition and analytics within the panel so private data stays private for greater peace of mind.

Powered by, you can arm your home through your mobile devices. Also, you can easily install this gold security panel yourself and program you add ons for your DIY security system. This gold security panel can assist you with securing your home and making sure you’re notified of any danger. With a monthly reoccurring charge starting a $13, this is a small investment to make to secure your protection for a lifetime. Please do not hesitate to reach out to use if you have any questions. You can either call us (855) 433-6700 or you can contact us here.¬†View our professionally installed services here. Thank you for viewing our product we hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

What’s in the box:

  • Edge Security & Control Panel
  • Power Supply
  • Mounting Kit
  • Quick Install Guide & Regulatory Documentation




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